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Abhimanini E Amania Dheu Lyrics

Abhimanini E Amania Dheu (2- Times) Nachi Nachi Nachi Jaye Sihanrayi Tanu Mana Abhimasnini E…… Phula Kumari Mu Phule Phule Khoje…. Aaji Eyi Bela Tate Suni Kara Gunjana Abhimanini E……..

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Dashaavataara stotram By Jayadeva from Geeta Govinda

Raaga:maayaamaalava pralaya-payodhijale Keshava dhrtavAnasi vedam Keshava vihitavahitra-charitra-makhedam keshava dhrita meena shareera jaya jagadeesha hare. Raaga: Mohana (Bhoopali) kshitirati-vipulatare Keshava tava tishthati prishthe dharaNi-dharaNakiNa-chakragarishthe kesava dhrita kacchapa roopa jaya jagadIsa hare.

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दूर से काम करते समय खुद को जवाबदेह कैसे पकड़ें

प्रत्येक महान कार्यकर्ता स्वयं को जवाबदेह रखने के लिए जिम्मेदार है, और यह भावना दूरस्थ कर्मचारियों के लिए महत्वपूर्ण नहीं होगी। जब आप घर से काम करते हैं, तो आपके

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Once again, diversity is key. Because blockchain is still young, it’s difficult to predict which sectors will be most accepting of the new technology. To hedge against this risk, it’s recommended that you invest in coins across different industries.Even when holding coins across a diverse set of industries, you should consider putting additional capital in the industries that you’re most confident in. The best coins to have in your portfolio are oftentimes the ones that not many other people have. There’s wisdom in going against the crowd.
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Different Types of Thought Leadership

Earlier we outlined three flavours of thought leadership: Industry, Product and Organizational. Here you’ll learn more about each type, and how to select the optimal mix for your company. Industry

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