Best LKG Worksheets to Buy for Kids – 2019

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The worksheet is an integral part of the development of your kid. The pituitary gland in a human body is responsible for the secretion of the somatotropic hormone, which helps the development and growth. Interactive learning acts as a catalyst of growth during this period.

Colourful Workbook is such a source which can stimulate the growth of a kid. Worksheets generally contain a collection of all subjects, which has multiple choice questions, Matching exercises, Handwriting practice, Colouring pages, Math problems, Fill-in-the-blank, book reports, Copy work, Word searches and crossword puzzles with fun and activities.

This helps the kid to enhance the skill that has taught to them in the class. Worksheets introduce new topics that are done in the classroom. This has exciting set of questions that helps a kid to understand and learn.

1) Brain Teasers Impact the Thought of A Child:-

A set of graphical contents helps the child focus on his or her thoughts.

Worksheets function for both children and teachers. Hence a lesson taught in the class can be practised with the help of worksheets. The kid gets to know whether he has learned the things correctly or not. They enjoy in an active way that their interest level increases and helps the kid to learn things properly.

2) Mental exercise impacts creativity:-

All exercises are pretty simple to understand and are fun to play. It has to do with memory likely because memory as one of the main goals to improve with each day you practice. Basically, the brain does a lot of things you may not be able to fix the things, make sure you are taking advantage. Some kids focus on creativity, ability, memory game.

3.) Worksheets help children to progress well:-

Children genuinely understand the basics. Worksheets are more advanced in all subjects. Ex. Math has numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, fraction, values and measurements. It helps the kid to develop problem-solving skills. Kids will be excited about worksheets that they relate to.

Parents should keep them interested by helping them find worksheets that are at their understanding level. You can ask your kid to solve small problems to develop skills. Worksheets are fun and easy where kids can learn and enjoy. There is some organisation who prepare worksheets worldwide. This is prepared by academicians to enhance the skill of your child.

Worksheets For LKG Kids

There are a few Companies who prepare Worksheets for kids. They are flipClass, Edurite, Firstcry etc. Generally, they cover the below topics for your child.

LKG Worksheets cover the below points.

  1. Identifying Uppercase and Lowercase
  2. Matching identical Objects
  3. Identifying Alphabets and their pronunciation
  4. Maze Games
  5. Matching pairs
  6. Parts of Human Body
  7. Long, Short, Big, Small
  8. Fruits and Vegetables
  9. Colouring
  10. Sequencing
  11. Count of basic Numbers
  12. Finding odd one etc.

We are adding here Some of the links of some of the best Worksheets in India.

flipClass LKG Worksheets

India's best Worksheet for Kids
India's best Worksheet for Kids LKG Worksheets for your Child

Maths, English and General Awareness Worksheets by Edurite

LKG Worksheets
LKG Worksheets Kindergarten Worksheets

LKG Kids (3-5 Years) All-in-One 548 Pages ACE Early Learning Worksheets & Writing Practice in English, Mathematics, Hindi, General Knowledge / EVS (KG 1) 7 Books Bundle from 3H Learning

Best Worksheet for kids
Best Worksheet for kids LKG Worksheet for Children

Maths Book For L.K.G. – Ride and Slide B (Mathematics book)

India's best Worksheet
India's best Worksheet Best Workbook for your child

Genius Kids Worksheets (Bundle) for LKG (KG-I) and Montessori (3-5 yrs)- Set of 8 Workbooks (Math & Logic, English, Science, Games & Activities)

Kids Worksheet
Kids Worksheet Maths worksheet for Lower Kindergarten Children

kindergarten English worksheets

Worksheets for UKG kids are bit advanced. Smart Kids series by flipClass are international standard worksheets, created by a team of expert academics, world-class researchers and designers.

A treasure trove of worksheets with curriculum-based activities, exercises and games in every subject for UKG (KG 2) and Montessori kids. The workbook’s lively layout and easy to follow explanation makes learning fun and interactive. What’s more! The worksheets help parents and teachers to explain key concepts with absolute ease.

1. ABCs: This book introduces a child to cursive writing. The child learns to write uppercase and lowercase cursive English letters.
2. Spelling & Vocabulary: In this book enhancing vocabulary is literally child’s play. Finding words in a grid, learning action words, naming words, opposites are all part of the fun.
3. Phonics: This book revisits short and long vowel sounds. It introduces a child to blends and digraphs. What is special about this book is that a child can actually hear the correct pronunciation of letters and words with QR codes.
4. 123s: This book practises a child in forwarding counting, introduces her to backward counting, skip counting and ordinal numbers. The book gives practice in addition to carrying, subtraction with borrow and finding out numbers that come before and numbers that come after.
5. Shapes, Patterns and Colours: This book introduces a child to fill blanks by recognising a pattern. The child’s learning of 2D and 3D Shapes is enhanced through fun-filled activities.
6. Science Lab: The book affords a really good view of the world around us in an easy to understand style to the child.
7. Fun and Games: True to its name, this book is really fun and games. The book introduces concepts of subsidising and placeholder addition through gaming. In this book a child learns to read a clock in several ways, for example, she learns to read quarter-past and half-past the hour.

Please check the product from flipClass

Montessori Worksheet for UKG Kids
Montessori Worksheet for UKG Kids top worksheet for your UKG kid

kindergarten alphabet worksheets

  • International Standard Activity Worksheets covering English, Mathematics, General Knowledge/EVS & Coloring for UKG
  • Surprise your child with one worksheet every day. Sustain the interest & curiosity throughout the year! Every sheet covers 2 Self – Learning Objectives! Your Child learns them automatically by DOING
  • Objective: Reinforce all basic skills & topics meant for UKG students. Parents can see how far their child has understood the classroom concepts.
  • A goldmine of Content & Activities: School curriculum based activities and exercises in all subjects of UKG! Interactive Worksheets with a lively layout and easy to follow explanations hold any child’s attention makes education simple, fun and enjoyable; Helps your child to know, learn, understand, adjust to enter the new eco-system with confidence and steal a march over their peers.
  • ‘Essential Must-Learn’ building-blocks of KGs converted into 260 virtual steps. See before your own eyes your child gradually scaling the 260 virtual steps day after day
  • Finishing each topic with appealing activities with colourful illustrations enhances your child’s imagination and creative thinking. It makes them enter the next stage of school with enthusiasm & intelligence.
  • With 1 Worksheet-a-day, spend ‘Quality – Time’ with your child the entire year
  • 1.60 lac happy mothers in 6 yrs have productively engaged their child.

Check the product in this link

Worksheet for UKG kids
Worksheet for UKG kids Worksheet by 3H Learning

Worksheet from Edurite

Gift your child endlessly rewarding skills they can cherish lifelong. Edurite is changing the way school curriculum is taught. The powerful worksheets give children the tools they need to master crucial subjects such as Mathematics, Science and English. The worksheets are written keeping in mind that teaching kids is a challenging task and with regular and consistent practice they would gain a skill that would be endlessly rewarding.

The key is a step-by-step teaching method that describes concepts so clearly that anyone can understand them: students build on their successes, becoming proficient at solving problems with confidence and enthusiasm. Give your young grader a fun-filled way to build and strengthen spelling skills, boost their creativity and build their confidence.

This exciting workbook encourages children to explore spelling with brainteasers, puzzles, and more! Edurite’s worksheets have hundreds of math problems with the increasing level of difficulty for daily practice by students. Hence, It is recommended for students to attempt at least one page daily for consistent practice.

Worksheets start with helping students grasp basic concepts and get started. Each book contains easy-to-follow instructions, colour practice pages, and an answer key. Therefore, Explore interesting topics in the worksheets and provide standards-based challenges to improve your child’s scientific literacy while strengthening their expertise.

  • Each of the lessons includes the following information:
  • High quality, pictorial and colourful worksheets
  • Step-by-step activity directions
  • Alignment to national and state board (CBSE, ICSE and State boards)content standards
  • Plus dozens of ready-to-use student worksheets

Edurite Combo Worksheets (Bundle) for UKG ( KG 2 ) and Montessori (4-6 yrs) (Mathematics, English and General Awareness) Workbook – 2018

Edurite Combo Worksheets (Bundle) for UKG ( KG 2 ) and Montessori (4-6 yrs) (Mathematics, English and General Awareness) Workbook – 2018
Edurite Combo Worksheets (Bundle) for UKG ( KG 2 ) and Montessori (4-6 yrs) (Mathematics, English and General Awareness) Workbook – 2018 Edurite Combo Worksheets (Bundle) for UKG

Check here some of the best Worksheets

kindergarten phonics worksheets

flipclass has created a nice phonics worksheet for your kid. It is a QR code based worksheet.

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