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Article PinPoint is an advanced marketing automation tool designed for mid-sized and large B2B companies. It is developed keeping your customers in the centre and building highly targeted marketing campaigns. Aritic PinPoint offers smooth integration with various popular CRM, CMS, social media platforms, website and mobile apps.

We are Customer engagement and Marketing automation suite provider which is uniquely designed for the Millennial generation who prefer interactive real-time communication. Our product provides measurement and communication (derived from mix of ML and Triggers) includes Marketing budget management, Marketing ROI calculation, Performance analysis of Campaign/Program, Team, Channel, Source of leads with classic communication (email, SMS, print) and new-age communication (Social, Chat, in-App, FB-Messenger, WhatsApp communications).

Customer Engagement in Aritic Pinpoint Tool :

Aritic PinPoint is designed to keep your customers in the centre. You can acquire, nurture, monitor, and convert your leads into customers, who later become your advocates. It helps to engage your customers based on their interests, preferences, profile,  and activities across your website and in-app. Track your leads, build advanced segments, and nurture them throughout their lifecycle  their buying intent to push leads towards the end of the sales funnel and simultaneously predicting the course of closure.

  • Anonymous visitor capturing and nurturing

With smart embeddable forms in landing pages and websites, Aritic PinPoint helps in capturing anonymous visitors. Also, with AI-enabled live chat widget feature, you can capture your visitors instantly. These anonymous visitors can be tracked using the browser fingerprint tracking system. Based on the lead source, activities and buying intent, you can create retargeting email campaigns, ad orchestration and deep segmentation.


  • Dynamic and deep segmentation

Anonymous visitors are nurtured to convert them into potential leads. The moment a visitor converts into a lead, it gets segmented based on various triggers: behaviour, browsing activities, buying state, demographics, events, and more. Each lead is tracked and monitored to create a unified lead profile and send out relevant marketing messages only.

  • Drip marketing engagement

Based on the buyers’ stage of each lead, marketing messages are designed to activate the lead and push it forward in the marketing funnel. Aritic PinPoint has an easy to use drag and drop campaign builder where you can build drip email campaigns in a few minutes. With multiple actions, conditional triggers and decision options within the builder, you can design tailored campaigns for every single contact segments. Simultaneously you can directly add lead scores based on behavioural triggers and engagement activities.

For instance, when your visitor converts into a lead, it immediately triggers a welcome email which is followed by an onboarding email after few hours. This second email can contain some details on how to get started with your product/services and an immediate milestone to offer. Based on the various actions that your recipients can take, you can schedule the next drips.

  • If email opened and no action taken, wait for 2 days to send next email, add score 5
  • If email opened and clicked on an in-mail link, send next email after 24 hours, add score 10
  • If email not opened, segment to a different/new list, add score -5.

This is just an overview of how a drip series can look. You can add more actions and triggers like how much time your lead is spending on your website, what kind of browser pathway it took after reading your emails, and more. You can simultaneously create a retargeting email campaign for those who did not open your emails. Create and publish as many drip campaigns as you need on Aritic PinPoint.


  • Detailed analytics

Each campaign can be monitored and analysed to understand the impact it has on your leads. Get to the root of each campaign and understand how it performed and why. Aritic Pinpoint has detailed analytics reports in various forms like tables, graphs, pie charts, etc. to help you make informed and data-driven decisions. Based on your reports, A/B test each campaign elements and publish only the winning results.

Aritic PinPoint offers multichannel and omnichannel marketing experience :

Aritic PinPoint helps you activate your customers faster than they would on their own. With multiple drip campaigns like welcome drip series, onboarding email drips, cart abandonment drips, reminder drips, push notification drips, and more – you can continue to nurture your leads as and when they come in contact with your brand across various touch points. Expand your marketing horizon with multichannel marketing (emails, SMS, push, a mobile, web, and landing pages). Offer unique customer experience on all platforms and all device types with Aritic PinPoint’s ready to use mobile optimised templates.

Personalization is at the heart of Aritic PinPoint :

Aritic PinPoint helps in building a personalized relationship with your target audience. Features like progressive profiling helps in asking leads the right kind of questions, dynamic content helps to dynamically show relevant landing page or email content that is relevant for each lead, kiosk mode lead nurturing helps in nurturing leads without tracking their IP addresses, and social media marketing to build a social brand image, connect over messenger and keep the engagement going on.

Industry Observation and Stats :

Aritic PinPoint serves multiple industry verticals like banking, real estate, financial services, hospitality, online and offline education institutes, digital businesses, SaaS companies, and manufacturing.

Wrapping it up, few of the use case of Aritic PinPoint includes:

  • Real-time personalized 1:1 engagement with multichannel communication
  • Contact 360 views with online & offline engagement
  • Customer Communication and engagement Automation based on Feedback & customer attribute
  • Digital Brand Management Automation
  • The multi-channel leads to the capture and behaviour monitoring – The Web, app, call, social (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc).
  • Drip campaigns – Use smart segment and drip method of channelling for communication on the basis of actions/behaviour of customers.
  • Multi-channel communicator – Email, SMS, Push Notification, Web pop-up/messaging, App popup/messaging, Push notification, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram 8 more social channels
  • An Artificial Intelligence Engine for the similar customer and campaign identification on your converted customer from system to make the target more specific.



I'm a full-stack LinkedIn learning certified Digital Marketer with over 6 years of experience in website analytics, search, social, email, affiliate, and marketing automation.

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